Perlite Functional Fillers

Chemrock’s specialized perlite functional fillers guarantees unbeatable quality and performance.

Expanded perlite is an inexpensive solution and is widely used for for insulation for low temperature and cryogenic applications. Liquefied gas applications has created a demand for reducing evaporation losses in storage facilities.

The annular space of a double-walled cryogenic storage tank is filled with our expanded perlite and if necessary, compacted using our unique internal vibration system.

Here’s why our mineral-based silicate products are the ultimate game-changer in cryogenic applications:

Cost-Effective Solutions

Say goodbye to pricey alternatives. Our affordable perlite is the go-to choice for budget-friendly projects.

Easy Handling

Our perlite is a breeze to work with, making your production process smoother than ever.

Low Moisture Retention

Keep moisture at bay. Our perlite minimizes water absorption, preserving the quality and performance of your products.

Low Thermal Conductivity

Keep those temperatures under control with our perlite’s exceptional insulation properties.


Safety first! Rest assured that our perlite is non-flammable, providing peace of mind for you and your customers.

Our perlite fillers are off-white, seamlessly blending into your products without altering their color. Plus, they are completely inert to most substances and free from any organic contamination.

Ready to take your products to the next level? Choose Chemrock’s mineral-based silicate products for unrivaled performance and unmatched quality. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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