Benefits of Perlite Functional Fillers

Unlock the incredible potential of Chemrock’s expanded perlite. Discover a new era of efficiency, insulation, and safety for your processes.

Benefits of Expanded Perlite as an Insulating Material

Ensures Fire Safety

Fire safety is a top priority in every building. The right sheet material is essential to make your construction fire-safe that includes fire-resistant, fire-retardant, fireproof or non-combustible. Perlite is an essential component in wall boards to reach this goal. After years of testing and cooperation between Chemrock and producers of fire retardant plates, Chemrock developed a state of the art expanded perlite, both in coated and uncoated form, suitable for fire wall boards.

Fire retardant boards or plates are widely used in making buildings and tunnels fire proof that include systems in compartmentalization, floor finishes, smoke extraction ducts, structure protection, ventilation and much more!

Free From Organic Materials

This means that it boasts an incredibly low solubility in carbon tetrachloride, with only traces detected. In cryogenics, where temperatures drop to mind-boggling lows, it’s crucial to have insulation that won’t degrade or react with the extreme conditions. That’s where Expanded Perlite steps in, ensuring optimum performance and safety. Not only does Expanded Perlite provide exceptional thermal insulation, but its chemical stability makes it an ideal choice for storing and transporting cryogenic substances like liquid nitrogen and LNG.

Fully Safe to human health

One of the most remarkable advantages of Expanded Perlite is that it is fully safe to human health. Unlike other materials, it contains no crystalline silica, making it undetectable and non-hazardous. So, when it comes to protecting ourselves and the environment, Expanded Perlite is a clear winner. With its exceptional insulating properties and health-friendly nature, Expanded Perlite is revolutionizing cryogenics. Whether it’s preserving ultra-low temperatures in medical facilities or storing cryogenic gases, this incredible material is a game-changer.

Very Low Moisture Content

With Expanded Perlite, you can ensure optimal insulation in cryogenic environments, preventing any potential moisture-related issues. Its moisture-resistant properties keep your equipment safe and efficient, even at chilling temperatures! If you’re looking for a reliable and durable insulating material for your cryogenic needs, Expanded Perlite is the way to go. Discover the countless advantages it offers in maintaining the integrity and performance of your equipment.

Very Low Thermal Conductivity

Did you know that Expanded Perlite is an incredible insulating material used in cryogenics? One of its amazing benefits is its very low thermal conductivity, ranging from λs = 0.034 to 0.042 W/(m.K). This means it can effectively minimize heat transfer, keeping things cooler for longer periods. Whether it’s for industrial applications or scientific research, Expanded Perlite is the go-to choice for insulating cryogenic systems.

Physical Properties
Characteristic Value
Rock structures Classical perlite
Colour Grey
Bulk Density 900 – 1100 kg/m3
Moisture max. 1 %
pH 6 – 8.5

Typical Chemical Composition Perlite
Major Elements Typical Range in %
SiO2 72
Al2O2 14
Fe2O3 0.7
Na2O 4
K2O 8.8
CaO 0.3
MgO 0.1
TiO 0.1

Softening point 890 – 1100 °C

Typical Values After Expansion
Characteristic Value
Loose Weight Density 35 – 45 kg/m3
Tamped Weight Density 55 – 60 kg/m3
Colour White
Free Quartz < 0.5 %
Mechanical Resistance 0.6 – 1.51 kg/cm2/cm
Thermal Conductivity λs = 0.034 – 0.042 W/(m.K)
Fusion point 1280 – 1350 °C
Specific heat 0.20
Specific gravity 2.2 – 2.4
Fire resistance Perlite is non-combustible


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