Loose Fill Insulation

Whether it’s for cryogenic applications or hot construction projects, loose fill insulation made of small fiber particles and perlite is the way to go.

This incredible material can conform to any space without causing any disruption to structures or finishes. With a temperature range of -269°C to +1093°C (-452°F to +2000°F), perlite loose fill insulation provides reliable results even in the most extreme conditions.

When choosing loose fill insulation for construction applications, make sure it conforms to ASTM Specification C549 “Perlite Loose Fill Insulation.” Additionally, opt for perlite that is treated with a non-flammable silicone or other coating to enhance water repellence. This coated perlite offers a quick and cost-effective solution for permanently insulating masonry walls.

High Temperature Insulation

Expanded perlite is used as insulating cover on the surface of molten metal to prevent excessive heat loss during delays in pouring; to top off ingots to reduce piping and decrease lamination; to produce refractory blocks and bricks; and in several important foundry applications. The data in Figures 2 and 3 cover a range of perlite densities at mean temperatures as high as l 800°F (982°C). Although thermal conductivity increases appreciably above l 800°F (982°C), expanded perlite has been used at service temperatures as high as 2000° F (I 093°).The annulus is filled with expanded perlite and, if required, compacted using Chemrock’s unique internal vibration system. [LINK TO BENEFITS PAGE.] Although other powder insulations have occasionally been used in the past, their lower insulation values and higher cost has not warranted their use in most applications.

Low Temperature

Expanded perlite is an inexpensive insulation for low temperature (and) cryogenic applications. It’s widely used because of its low thermal conductivity, low cost, and ease of handling. It’s also beneficial for its non-flammability attributes and low moisture retention.

Don’t let extreme temperatures compromise your projects! Invest in loose fill insulation and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with its exceptional thermal performance.

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